Traditional English Christmas


It is Christmas Time and we are excited.

Are you interested in adding an English twist to your family’s Christmas celebration?

I came to the United States from Liverpool, England many years ago. As my youngsters grew and learned American traditions associated with the Christmas season, it was important for me to retain much of my homeland and my memories growing up. As they are older and have little ones of their own, it is important for me to preserve the Christmas traditions I grew up with in my Liverpool home. The grandchildren look at me funny when we pull the Christmas crackers and sit around the dinner table with paper crowns on our heads but they understand that this is how we did it in England. One day, they will visit their cousins across the Atlantic. If they are lucky enough to visit at Christmas time, they will already be well acquainted with the goings on.

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As friends and my extended American family often visit on Christmas Day, they ask many questions about Christmas in England. I love sharing the stories with them and I have often wished I could share the English Christmas spirit with many more people than just those around me. I know there are many Brits in American (and all over the world) who miss England especially at Christmas time. Also, there are many Anglophiles that want to bring a bit of England into their own family’s Christmas. This website is here to help you understand what Christmas is like in England and help you bring many of those traditions into your Christmas celebrations this year.

Over the next several pages, I will show you many of these traditions so you can share them with your family and friends.

Some of the topics covered include:

Father Christmas

Traditional Stockings

Christmas Crackers

Wassail Cup

Mulling The Wassail

King’s Crowns

Bread Pudding

Sausage Rolls

English Desserts

English Songs

Home Decorations

Children’s Stories & Pantomimes

Making English Christmas Calendars

.and many other English Christmas Traditions.

So, let’s get started: