Christmas Chickens

Mum had been able to purchase 6 baby chickens at the local market. We were so excited about having fresh laid eggs to eat. We diligently fed the chickens and nourished them to help them grow healthy and strong. I remember awaking each morning before school and hurrying downstairs. Out the backdoor to the garden gate I would rush in anticipation of feeding the clucky chicks and possibly finding a fresh egg I could bring in to proudly show Mum. As the weeks passed, we wondered why the chickens were getting so big and yet they had not laid the first egg.

The feed for the chickens was expensive but mostly the chickens scratched around our garden eating bugs and grass seeds. As a few more weeks passed we began to get the feeling that maybe we would not have any eggs especially since these particular “chickens” were spending so much of the early morning hours crowing and cock-a-doodle-dooing.

Yes, that is right, the farmer at the market had sold my Mum 6 roosters. I still laugh every time I think back to the look of indignation on my Mums face when she realized that she had been sold roosters instead of chickens.

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