Christmas Preparations

Christmas Preparations

Christmastime is a particular time in English homes where tradition plays a vital part of the entire season. Though I have been in America for over 30 years, it still amazes me to see Christmas decorations in the shops in America before Halloween is even over with. The Christmas season does not start quite as early in England as it does here in the United States.

Families start preparing for Christmas in early or mid November. Much of the early preparation for Christmas is in the area of baking. Two dishes require several weeks of curing time so the initial baking is done a month or more in advance. It is funny when I tell my friends in America about the tradition of giving fruit cake to family and friends. Fruitcake almost seems to be a joke in the States. However, in England, the fruitcake that is baked by families is not the same as is sold in stores here. The fruitcakes that many families make have a heavy alcohol content and therefore need time to sit for a few weeks before they are cut into.

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