Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding

The Christmas Pudding is also a very special treat And the recipe dates back many, many years, and always held a place of honour on our Christmas table. Before the baking can begin, the special mixing bowl must be unpacked and washed. This special bowl is only used at Christmas time and it is large enough to handle a large quantity of ingredients. Often it is a large stainless steel bowl and it has Christmas designs etched into the metal.
Christmas puddings well in advance. The eldest child has the honour to mix all the ingredients in the bowl and stir the ingredients. With each stir, a wish is made. After the pudding was baked, it was then wrapped in a brandy soaked piece of muslin and then placed in our pantry to season until Christmas.

On Christmas day, when the pudding is cut into serving pieces, with each slice, the recipient is allowed to make one wish. The pudding is served with a hot rum sauce.

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