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English Towns and Villages

English towns and villages are such exciting places to be in the months before Christmas. The lights start going up all over the buildings. A huge Christmas tree adorns the center of each town and each of the large shops in town has a grotto.

It might be difficult to tell about the grotto but I will try. Imagine, if you can, a fairyland with elves, fairies and finely detailed scenes from your favourite stories. You will enter a veritable magical world through a gate decorated so beautifully it takes your breath away! Fairies and elves guide you through this maze of wonder as your head goes back and forth trying to see and take everything in. Perish the thought that you miss anything.

The delight is breathtakingly surreal and just when you feel there cannot be anything else, you are ushered into Father Christmas’s special little space where he sits on a throne. He has his special fairies there to help him and one by one they come to take your hand as they lead you up to him. He has a very loud, hearty voice and he is always so jolly. He beckons you, one-by-one to go to him and he lifts you upon his knee and chats with you for a few minutes about school and friends and if you have been good all year long.

The adults are not left out and if you are over 20 or even over 60 you are welcome to join in on the fun and sit on Father Christmas’s knee. “Have you been good since last Christmas” he asks you. Then the moment comes when he asks “what would you like Father Christmas to bring you this Christmas?” This is the moment you have waited for and your list is given and read to Father Christmas. English children take great care in making their lists. Sometimes they actually make their own paper by recycling old newspaper. I have found a great example of how to make recycled paper online. In the recipes section of the software CD I have included a link to a webpage which will show you how to make your own paper. After the paper dries children will cut the paper out into the shape of a Christmas tree or Santa and they will color it and decorate the paper with stars and glitter. Then, they will carefully write their wishes on the paper.

Visiting Santa in the village’s Christmas grotto is always a much-anticipated day. When finally getting to sit on Santa’s knee, the children read off their lists hoping that at least some of their wishes will come true.

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