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Grave Care in English Cemeteries

Honoring those who have passed on is very important to English families. Grave care in English Cemeteries is a long held English tradition.

Respect can be paid in many ways. When I was little, we would visit the graves of our family members. Bringing flowers to decorate their graves made us feel good. We would bring toys to place by children’s graves. We placed die cast cars by boys’ gravesites and dolls by girls’ gravesites. This was a family ritual and my parents always seemed so somber. I didn’t feel somber. I felt joyous. I was bringing the joy of Christmas to those family members. I always think a cemetery is not a sorrowful place. Instead, a cemetery is a place of celebration of the lives that were lived.

Many people do not decorate graves as they once did. Adult children move away from home. Elderly spouses are not able to visit grave sites. It would be wonderful if someone offered services like plot upkeep and floral decorations. Tombstone cleaning is also a service that people need and are willing to pay for.

English Christmas Grave Decorations

English Grave Site Decoration

English Grave Care – Learn How To Start A Grave Care Business

A young man, who shares my feeling of cemeteries, has developed a “Grave Care Business Tutorial and Software Package.” He has a life-long interest in cemeteries. He started his own grave care business years ago. He now teaches other people how to start their own English Grave Care Businesses. Services provided by grave care business owners include: plot maintenance around the gravesite, floral decorations for gravestones and grave markers, and tombstone cleaning (and tombstone repair and tombstone resetting) to make grave sites beautiful once again. If English Grave Care interests you, visit his website (listed below):

Grave Care Business Tutorial and Software

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