Hello and welcome to Traditional English Christmas. Before we delve right into the main context of Traditional English Christmas, I would like to take just a minute to tell you about myself and about my growing up days in England.

First off, my name is Joan. Please forgive me if I don’t tell you my exact age. My Mum always told me that a proper lady does not share her age. I will tell you that I was a very young girl when World War II broke out in England. Living in the industrial city of Liverpool, our family was constantly aware of the daily disruption of war. There were constant alerts from air raid sirens and on more than one occasion, enemy bombs hit our city. My family was closely touched by the war in that my Father was called to service in the Royal Air Force and he spent three years service in North Africa. Our small family (My Mum, Me, and My Baby sister) missed him dreadfully.

Though times were tough, we persevered and made do with what we had. Throughout the war, many food items such as milk, other dairy products, meats, and some vegetables were rationed. A good example of a rationed food was eggs. Using ration coupons, our family was only allowed to purchase one egg per person per week. The English spirit lived on in my Mum though and I remember vividly the day that she brought home a smallish box. She was so excited to tell me that we would soon have all the eggs we could possibly eat.

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