Kiddie Tree

Kiddie Tree
The kiddies tree. While many families are choosing to not have a tree at all during the Christmas season, some families choose to have more than one. In our family, we have the tradition of having a Christmas tree specifically for the children. We call it the kiddie tree. Our grandchildren today are allowed to decorate their tree anyway they desire. Our grandson likes trains so he makes his own train decorations. Our granddaughter is a very fine soccer player and she makes construction paper soccer balls to hang on the kiddie tree.
Holly and ivy are used very heavily in England. Greenery symbolizes life and has been used for centuries since the very early English residents celebrated the winter’s solstice. Thousands of years ago, winters were very hard to get through and people hung greenery in their homes to strengthen themselves for the hard winter ahead and to help them stay alive for the rest of the winter with the knowledge that spring would soon bring warmth.
Mistletoe was fascinating to these people too. It amazed them how mistletoe would stay green in a tree while all the leaves were turning brown and dropping. Mistletoe was also hung in the house as a celebration of life and to keep residents of the home in good health as it kept the tree in which it lives in good health throughout the winter.
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